If you’ve spent any time on my site you know that I do not use it to promote any company or any window. The information here is for education only. I’ve learned so much in my years working in the replacement window industry. If you knew what I do, you’d avoid mistakes when selecting replacement windows for your home. That’s the goal of this site- to help.

As I often say, the worst home improvement is the one you have to do twice.

People choose poorly, or are misdirected by a sales person.

Many people pick a window based on price, not on how the characteristics of the window will fit their needs, climate, and goals. It’s all about fit.

If I told you I had beautiful shoes to sell, the very best possible, and you wanted to buy shoes, we’d have something to talk about. Then if I told you I only had size 14 what would you say? Chances are size 14 would not fit.

Then what if I sweetened the deal and gave you half off? Would the low price be so enticing that you’d buy the size 14 shoes?

Price doesn’t matter if they don’t fit! If your new windows do not fit your climate and energy needs they don’t fit- end of story.

If you are in the Tampa Bay area I’d be delighted to help you. You can email me. Leave your phone and the best times to try you and I’ll call- no charge- no obligation- no pressure. I’ll answer questions and see if I can help- period.

It will be totally confidential- just between us.

If you are outside the Tampa Bay area- leave a comment and I’ll try to respond for the benefit of all who follow.