Vinyl Frames

Vinyl Replacement Window Colors

In 2002 I talked with the homeowners association for a multi-floor condo building on St. Pete Beach, the Beau Monde. Like many buildings built in the middle of the century, they had silver aluminum colored single pane windows. Back in the 1950’s there were almost no regulations regarding window strength so these were all in need of replacement. But the condo was leaving that up to the individual owners. The typical condo requirement of not changing the styles of the windows was in the rules. That makes sense because I’ve seen buildings without that rule look like a hodgepodge with different styles from one home to another. They also stipulated that all the frames must maintain the silver color of […]


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Vinyl Window Frames

Plastic, vinyl, PVC, and uPVC are all used almost interchangeably by most of us. Vinyl window frames are plastic. That’s right- plastic. But not all plastics are created equal. Think of the things you know as vinyl, like the stuff that looks and feels pretty much like leather, vinyl porch furniture that is flimsy and gets killed with the Florida sun, and even vinyl flooring. Plastics are everywhere- and we think of all these as completely different products, but they are all some kind of plastic, items with astoundingly different qualities. Your car probably has plastic bumpers. The plastic used there certainly is different than the plastic in the bottle of water you buy. In the 1800’s when vinyl chloride […]


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